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Wassam Fammo Welcome to Xbliss Wiki!

This wiki is mostly about; Cybery2k, Raver, and Cyberghetto, Aesthetic Rappers, Shops & More .!+.. Anyways, im finna put yall on gang because the rest of the fandoms ive seen wasnt as ¨ good ¨ but it was ok! I will explain the differences between the Aesthetics but ion kno thats doin the most ;/.. lol

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Community Founders: Wuddup fammo! My name is Jordii, this is my wiki about my Aesthetic; Cybery2k. In this wiki i will be going over sum good rappers aka underrated rappers and not, $ofaygo. Anyways im new to this ion really kno what im doing but i would love for everyone who visits this page to leave me FEED BACK!! Enjoy reading and learning from my wiki i would appreciate it a lot! <3 the admin dashboard for more tips.